Enhance your digestion Ayurvedically

An Ayurvedic approach to digestion centres around the concept of the digestive fire, known as ‘agni’. Agni refers to the digestive system’s ability to digest food – the equivalent of digestive enzymes. Those with a strong agni usually have larger appetites and don’t have difficulty digesting food, however those with a weaker agni may find […]

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How to get healthy in a third world country

During my six weeks in India I’ve lost 5kgs, gotten clear skin, walked more than I have in my life and felt substantially more peaceful – that’s despite the oily curry and roti (wheat based flatbread), humidity, lack of clean pavements and walking spaces, and stressful chaotic people and places. Here are some tips to […]

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Juice cleansing – benefits and recipes

Juice cleansing seems to be everywhere these days, with stories of amazing transformations and increased energy, but here are my main reasons why I think a juice cleanse every few months or so is beneficial: Allows your digestive system to take a break This is the main one for me! By only drinking juices composed […]

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