Haridwar photo story

Haridwar ‘Gateway to God’ is a spiritual place in India. It’s set on the banks of the Ganges and is less touristy than Rishikesh with most signs being in Hindi and the majority of locals only speaking Hindi (most larger businesses and hotels do have English speaking staff though). There are several mandirs (temples) to visit in Haridwar as well as the well known Har-Ki Pauri Ghat where Hindus gather to bathe and cleanse themselves, as well as worship the Ganges. I didn’t see too much of Haridwar as I got food poisoning on the first day and ended up spending most of my time there on or bent over the toilet, but here’s a snippet of the more attractive parts of Haridwar:

Locals congregate daily at the Ganges to bathe – many believe in the river’s healing power and fill up bottles of Ganga water to take to heal the sick

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Women visiting Haridwar from Rajasthan – I talked to a couple of them over some chai later, who said they were on a tour group from Jaipur

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Women washing their feet in the Ganges

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Cheeky chai walla who tried to charge us extra, luckily I’ve learnt to count in Hindi now 😉


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One of the things I love about India is that people will always take time out of their day to help others – whether it’s by jumping into an auto to help a driver find their destination, or aiding in squeezing a scooter through a cramped alleyway.





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