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tanisha angel’s vegan recipe book

This ebook contains fun, colourful mouthwatering recipes of wholesome healthy food which are easy to prepare and are cost effective. It includes something for everyone; college students on a budget, time constrained parents, those working 9-5 jobs, sportspeople and fitness professionals, those in recovery, and most importantly; YOU!

Here you’ll find vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, egg free recipes as well as many recipes which are low fat (801010 friendly) and/or raw. All recipes have step by step directions to enable you to cook with ease as you explore the world of healthy vegan food.

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tanisha angel’s raw vegan dessert recipe book

This ebook contains sixteen delicious raw dessert recipes, as well as some little extras! All recipes are raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and refined sugar free.

Raw food refers to food not heated above 42° C, which allows plants to maintain certain enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Whilst I advocate a balanced diet of cooked and raw foods, I believe raw desserts over cooked are the way to go in terms of taste and health.

All the recipes in this ebook are made with pure, natural, wholesome ingredients designed to nourish your body and help you look and feel your best, and impress your friends and loved ones with delicious healthy raw treats!

Tanisha Angel’s raw vegan dessert recipe book enables beginners through to advanced raw foodists to recreate fabulous raw desserts and cheesecakes, with simple step by step instructions, details on ingredients and equipment used, and beautiful high quality photographs.

Purchase my raw vegan dessert recipe book here, and start making healthier, guilt free treats for yourself and your loved ones

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