Juice cleansing – benefits and recipes

Juice cleansing seems to be everywhere these days, with stories of amazing transformations and increased energy, but here are my main reasons why I think a juice cleanse every few months or so is beneficial:


Allows your digestive system to take a break

This is the main one for me! By only drinking juices composed of fresh fruit and veg, the amount of stress put on your digestive system is reduced as there is no fiber to digest. This allows your digestive system to heal and reset whilst absorbing vital nutrients from the juice.

Increased energy

After a couple of days (adjustment period), your energy significantly increases due to the body’s new found intake of nutrients in their natural form as opposed to the not so long lasting energy we get from coffee, processed sugar etc.


Many people consume under the recommended 2L of water a day, however a juice cleanse provides most of the recommended liquid intake (it’s still advised to drink at least 1.5L of water whilst juice cleansing).

Clearer complexion

Increased hydration and toxin removal can result in improved complexion and clearer skin!



My favourite juice recipes (adjust ingredient amount according to taste)

Sunshine juice

  • orange, carrot, turmeric, ginger


Refreshment with a twist

  • watermelon, mint

Clean & spicy lemonade

  • lemons, cayenne pepper, stevia, water

Beet it

  • beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger, celery

Earth lord

  • beetroot, ginger, spinach, carrot, cucumber, parsley

Fruity zest

  • pineapple, apple, lemon, mint, lime

Green warrior

  • spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, coriander, parsley, lime

Green goddess

  • apple, cucumber, ginger, turmeric, parsley, spinach, kale, lemon


Mylk mania (blend this one)

  • soaked cashews, water, soaked dates, vanilla bean


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