No religion = no faith?

I am an atheist and do not believe in the existence of any gods or an ultimate ‘creator’, however I do see why many others do: it can be comforting to put your faith in someone else and leave your life up to another power particularly when you feel powerless, choosing to call the subsequent series of events ‘fate’, ‘destiny’ or ‘God’s will’.

I believe that’s why people turn to ‘God’ for help in times of need (natural disasters, poverty, family troubles etc.) – it’s a last resort to not feeling utterly desolate. Religion provides a source of comfort and consolation for many, with there being a link between a lack of financial stability and higher religious belief.

Despite this, I do think that inherently most people know that there is no god; it’s just a source of comfort, kind of like a socially acceptable adult security blanket. Sometimes I wish I believed in a god, simply to have someone/something to pray to before tests and occasionally hand the reins of my life to somebody else on days when I feel especially lost and forlorn, but I just cannot bring myself to believe in something with no proof of existence.

Does this mean I have no faith? Does not believing in something without a basic proof of existence mean I have no faith? Not to me – I have faith in humanity, in nature, in other people, in myself, and in what is real and in front of me.

We don’t need to blindly believe in that which has no proof to have faith, we just need to have confidence in the positive traits of what does exist, and recognise the intangible qualities we have; because every godly quality you attribute to a higher power is already present within you.

(promped by this question I received on my tumblr a few months ago)


2 thoughts on “No religion = no faith?

  • Have you ever looked into Buddhism? Unlike other theistic religions, it’s one that does not believe in an all-powerful creator… there are many unique features and some don’t even call it a ‘religion’, as it’s not based on a system of beliefs.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree with some of the principles of Buddhism but on the whole it doesn’t resonate with me enough to call it my religion and/or completed shape my beliefs around it xo

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