Stay golden; Jaisalmer

Entering Jaisalmer is like going back in time, with its sandstone carved buildings and lavish décor. It’s easy to while away time roaming the streets, eating sweets and chatting to locals…

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Jaisalmer fort is unique, as unlike other forts in India it is still inhabited by citizens; it previously held the entire town but now only around 4000 people live in it, mostly of the Brahmin caste.

There is accommodation inside the fort, however due to overcrowding and deteriorating plumbing, it’s considered unethical to stay in the fort – although it has apparently gotten better now (according to a man who lived inside the fort….although he was opening up a new hotel in the fort and wanted us to stay there next time we came so I’m not sure how #reliable his info is). We stayed outside the fort, and were satisfied just wandering through it for a day.

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Gadisar lake is gorgeous to visit to watch the sun set or take a boat ride around, and there’s also a little temple located halfway around the lake which you can pop into and pray or watch the locals (just be quiet and respectful :)).

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3 thoughts on “Stay golden; Jaisalmer

    • The accommodation is fine, it’s just considered unethical to stay within the fort – I stayed outside the fort (not sure of the hotel name, but there are lots of nice budget hotels in Jaisalmer) xx

  • Awesome photography that captures the life of Jaisalmer! The experience shared by you of your stay at the fort is really helpful. I love travelling with my family and after reading your post, I plan to visit this place at the earliest.

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