Quick vegan laksa + spice paste recipe

Ingredients For the spice paste: 7 garlic cloves (peeled) 1.5inch knob of ginger (peeled) 2-4 dried or fresh red chillies (soak for five mins and drain if using dried) 2 lemongrass stalks (roughly chopped) 1inch knob of turmeric or 1.5tbsp turmeric powder For the laksa: 200mL coconut cream (not milk) 2cups vegetable stock (or vegan […]

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Blueberry bitch smoothie + the perfect diary for the unorganized

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn. The quote of the day on my The Naked Minds diary is particularly relevant to me today as I’m trying to plan my day and actually get shit done so I can enjoy the weekend without worrying about the steadily mounting pile of uni work […]

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Raw vegan cranberry ripes

This sweet and tangy easy to make, healthy raw vegan treat recipe is adapted from the blueberry ripe recipe in my vegan recipe book. My cranberry ripes contain cacao which is high in magnesium, utilize refined sugar free natural sweeteners like brown rice syrup and low GI coconut sugar, and of course have cranberries which are rich […]

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