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raw vegan vanilla latte cheesecake

Although I’ve never been a big coffee drinker the smell is so enticing and I can’t get enough of coffee flavoured things (think coffee chocolate, tiramisu etc). So when I received some amazing cold drip coffee from First Press Coffee, it seemed only natural to combine coffee with my love of raw cheesecakes! Cold drip coffee […]

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Blueberry bitch smoothie + the perfect diary for the unorganized

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn. The quote of the day on my The Naked Minds diary is particularly relevant to me today as I’m trying to plan my day and actually get shit done so I can enjoy the weekend without worrying about the steadily mounting pile of uni work […]

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Cranberry coconut smoothie

A simple and delicious antioxidant rich summer smoothie to start your day! I teamed this with a slice of my raw cranberry ripe (recipe here), a couple of coconut date rolls and some raw carob choc for a yummy and nutritious breakfast/study snack. CRANBERRY COCONUT SMOOTHIE 1 1/2 cups of coconut water 1/2 cup of […]

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Sugar free raw vegan rocky road

Mmmm rocky road used to be one of my favourite treats growing up, so this raw, vegan, sugar free, gluten free rocky road is the perfect healthy snack or dessert! Ingredients Chocolate: 5tbsp coconut oil 4tbsp cacao powder 2tbsp norbu sweetener 2drops rosewater essence Marshmallow: 1/8 cup cashews soaked for at least 2 hours 1tsp […]

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Morning bliss breakfast smoothie

Smoothies are an easy way to pack a lot of nutrition and energy into a glass an enjoy a healthy delicious breakfast on the go – pair it with some bliss balls or a raw protein bar and you’ve got a wholesome, nutritious breakfast! MORNING BLISS BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Ingredients 1/2 cup of frozen mango 2 […]

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