Vegan Cadbury’s triple decker chocolate

Does anyone remember that Cabury triple decker chocolate? I used to eat a family block of it at a time (I was a fat kid) before it disappeared from shelves and I had to go back my my trusty topdeck…

Partly in celebration of passing my drivers test (the one I failed last week and made consolation carrot cake for), and partly because I just love chocolate, I recreated a healthy, vegan, almost raw triple decker using some fab goodies from one of my favourite organic ingredient brands; Nutra Organics.


White and pink layers:

Milk chocolate layer:


For the white and pink chocolate layers:

  • In a small nonstick pan over very low heat, or using the double boiler method; melt the cacao butter and coconut oil until liquid
  • Add the cashew butter and press into the cacao/coconut mixture, and stir until smooth. Remove from heat and stir in the maple syrup
  • Divide mixture in half into two bowls, and mix the Velvet Latte powder or pink food colouring into one bowl
  • Pour the pink chocolate into a silicon chocolate mold and transfer to freezer
  • Place the white chocolate mixture into the fridge to allow it to cool (the prevents the colours from blending together when you pour it over the pink layer)
  • Wait at least 20 minutes; then pour the white chocolate over the pink, and return to freezer whilst you make the milk choc

For the milk chocolate layer:

  • In a small nonstick pan over very low heat, or using the double boiler method; melt the coconut oil and Belgian chocolate chips. Add the cashew butter and stir until smooth
  • Remove from heat and mix in the maple syrup
  • Transfer pan to refrigerator and allow to cool before pouring over the white chocolate
  • Freeze for another 3hours or until hard, then serve

2 thoughts on “Vegan Cadbury’s triple decker chocolate

  • Hi Tanisha,

    I just want to make you aware that food coloring is actually not ethically vegan.

    Firstly, food coloring is tested on animals.

    Secondly, the food coloring you usually find on shelves is red, rather than pink.
    To create pink you usually need the primary color red.
    And red food coloring actually contains cochineal beetle to create this color.
    So it is definitely not vegan.

    Vegan options would be food items, such as, Beetroot, Cherry, Raspberry, or Pomegranate Juice, etc..


    • Hi Annamaria,

      Yeah I’m definitely aware carmine/cochineal isn’t vegan – however there are store boight food colourings which don’t use e120 (carmine), such as Queen’s pillar box red which contains e124; which is vegan.

      I was going to suggest beetroot powder or pom juice, however I’m aware not everyone has that on hand, so this is an easy substitute… I suppose I should have been more specific and said ‘vegan food colouring’

      Tanisha x

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