Ethics of palm oil

When it comes down to the crunch, the basis of veganism is leading an ethical lifestyle in which one strives to not exploit or harm other sentient living beings through their direct actions or the industries they choose to fund. Sometimes this extends beyond the oxford dictionary definition of “a person who does not eat orĀ use animal products”. The use of palm oil is one such issue.

The high demand for palm oil has caused more land to be required for palm plantations so that the demand can be met.

As a result of this, rainforests in southeast Asia have been cleared, leading to wildlife being disrupted; primarily orangutans, but aldo thr Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant and Sumatran rhinos – all of which are endangered species.

Whilst the oil itself is technically vegan (being a plant derived product), I would not.consider it to be vegan unless sustainably/ethically sourced (as is the case in some soaps, beauty products, shampoos etc), due to the ecological damage conventional palm oil sourcing causes.

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