Zk’in organics – natural, cruelty free skincare!


I’m always asked about my skincare routine, so I thought I’d share some of my daily skincare products with you! When choosing skincare products, I have a few criteria I look for. First and foremost, products I use must be vegan friendly (not animal tested, and doesn’t contain animal products), in addition to that I try to keep it as natural as I can (your skin absorbs what you put on it!), and as organic as possible.

Zk’in organics completely fits the brief; their entire range is vegan, completely natural (no chemicals or synthetics involved!), and organic right down to the packaging.

I currently use Zk’in’s softening cream cleanser daily in the morning and at night; it’s gentle but completely cleans your face even with makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. Once or twice a week I use the clarifying exfoliator to help remove dead skin and prevent blackheads – plus it makes your face smell like coffee!

After washing, I spritz the hydrating mist all over my face, and then use a cotton ball or makeup pad to apply the clear skin toner to any pimples or blemishes I may have (generally on the pesky forehead area for me).


I then apply the rejuvenating moisturiser, which is the best cream I’ve tried so far! It’s perfect to use its own or under a layer of foundation. A little goes a long way with this one; I find that one to two small pumps is sufficient to coat my face and neck, and love the matte finish (as opposed to the dreaded ‘shiny/oily’ finish of some other moisturizers). Like all of the Zk’in products I’ve tried, the smell is very subtle and gentle, with light notes of rosehip and jojoba. Absolutely lovely to wear all day and to bed!

Additionally, I sometimes use the line smoothing serum around my eyes when I remember it – although I’m still in my teen years and thus have no wrinkles or lines, it helps keep my skin tight and firm, plus it’s never too early to get into good skincare habits. I also keep the soothing hand cream in my bag wherever I go, particularly for long days at UNI and apply it not only to my hands, but for dry areas such as elbows and knees.

I would absolutely recommend Zk’in organics if you’re looking for ethical, natural, organic and sustainable skincare which makes you glow and look amazing!

But rather than take my word for it you can try it yourself, completely FREE of charge (usually $8.95) including shipping. Simply head to zkinorganics.com.au, create an account, and select the sample pack best suited to your skin (normal or dry), and enter the code TANISHA at the checkout (expires April 15th).


Here’s to better looking, healthier, dewy skin!


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